Session: Site Selection Issues for Small Area Field Research (PANEL)

Time: Tuesday 5th July, 10:00 - 12:30


Professor Howard Davis (Bangor University School of Social Sciences and WISERD)

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Selecting a site or sites for fieldwork is a common problem for researchers using mixed, qualitative and case study methods. The selection process can be theorised and justified in a variety of ways: as a search for exemplary or deviant cases, the application of pragmatic criteria such as cost and accessibility, or simply as exploration in uncharted territory. Issues include scale, space, place, boundaries, temporalities, mobilities, representativeness and the concept of locality itself. Drawing on the experiences of localities research by members of WISERD, the session is designed to promote critical reflection on this significant aspect of the research process.

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Presenter: Howard Davis

Site selection issues - introduction

Presenter: Jesse Heley

Globalization in and through rural localities

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Dr Robin Mann (Bangor University School of Social Sciences and WISERD)

Professor Bella Dicks (Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences)

Dr Jesse Heley (Aberystwyth University, Geography & Earth Sciences)