Session: Wednesday 9th July PM (16.00 - 17.30)

Title: How to Use Imitation Games


Dr Rob Evans (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)

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This session will introduce the theory and practice of Imitation Game research. We will:
- describe the origins of the method and outline its distinctive features, including the close integration of qualitative and quantitative data;
- demonstrate how to conduct Imitation Game research by running a live Imitation Game;
- present results from our current research project that aims to develop the Imitation Game as a new method for comparative and longitudinal research.

This will be a highly participatory and interactive session. If you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone that runs chrome or firefox, please bring it along!

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Presenter: Harry Collins

Imitation games

Presenter: Jennifer Lyttleton-Smith

Considering Identity Through Qualitative Imitation Game Data

The level of the session is: Accessible

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Presentation 1

Start time: 16:00

Presentation title:Imitation games 101: principles of imitation game research

Authors: Professor Harry Collins (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)
Dr Rob Evans (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)

Presentation 2

Start time: 16:30

Presentation title:Live software demonstration: imitation games on the internet and on your mobile

Authors: Dr Martin Weinel (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)
Dr Rob Evans (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)

Presentation 3

Start time: 17:00

Presentation title:What imitation games reveal: researching sexuality, religion and other topics

Authors: Dr Andy Bartlett (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)
Ms Jennifer Lyttleton-Smith (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)