Session: Wednesday 9th July AM (09.15 - 12.45)

Title: Researching the City


Professor Mark Birkin (University of Leeds)

Abstract Details

The session will explore the implications of the latest developments in technology, analysis and data acquisition for our understanding of the form and function of urban areas.

-Communicating the City will consider tools for visualising the spatial structure and dynamic patterns of cities.

-Diagnosing the City will discuss the capture of data and toolkits for analytics and mining intelligence from big spatial data.

-Simulating the City will look at model-based representations of the urban environment, with a focus on planning.

-Monitoring the City will assess movement patterns with reference to both new technologies and classical concerns about land-use.

The level of the session is: Accessible

Presentation details

There will be a coffee break from 10.45 - 11.15

Presentation 1

Start time: 09:15

Presentation title:Communicating the city

Author: Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith (University College London)

Presentation 2

Start time: 10:00

Presentation title:Diagnosing the city

Authors: Mr Steven Gray (University College London)
Mr Richard Milton (University College London)

Presentation 3

Start time: 11:15

Presentation title:Simulating the city

Authors: Professor Mark Birkin (University of Leeds)
Dr Nicolas Malleson (University of Leeds)

Presentation 4

Start time: 12:00

Presentation title:Monitoring the city

Author: Dr Robin Lovelace (University of Leeds)