Session: Tuesday 8th July PM (16.00 - 17.30)

Title: 'What is ...Crowdsourcing', 'What is...Fixed Effects' and 'What is...Small Area Estimation'


Dr Andy Cullis (University of Southampton)

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What Is... sessions are designed to provide an introduction to a range of research methods and related methodological issues. The methods will be presented in an accessible fashion and their uses will be described. In this session the presentations will be on 'crowdsourcing', 'fixed effects' and 'small area estimation'. Each presentation will last about 30 minutes which consists of 20 for the presenter and 10 for questions/discussion from the audience, who are assumed to be interested but to have no prior knowledge of the method under discussion. Sessions will recorded and made available on the NCRM website.

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Presenter: Dimitris Ballas

What is ... Smal Area Estimation

The level of the session is: Accessible

Presentation details

Presentation 1

Start time: 16:00

Presentation title:Crowdsourcing

Author: Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith (University College London)

Presentation 2

Start time: 16:30

Presentation title:Fixed effects

Author: Dr Mirko Draca (University of Warwick)

Presentation 3

Start time: 17:00

Presentation title:Small area estimation

Author: Dr Dimitris Ballas (University of Sheffield)