RMF2012 Abstracts

Session: Thursday 5th July (09.15 - 12.45)

Title: Systematic Reviews: The Potential of Different Methods

Name: James Thomas

Affiliation: EPPI-Centre, Institute of Education

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Over the past 20 or so years, methods for reviewing the research literature have undergone a transformation. There are now many different methods with a sometimes bewildering range of names. This session will present some of the main approaches to systematic reviewing and aim to stimulate discussion about the power and potential of each method in different situations. The following presenters will introduce their specified method before opening the session up for discussion.

Professor Steve Higgins: meta-analysis
Dr Geoff Wong: realist review
Dr Henry Potts: meta narrative review
Dr James Thomas: qualitative synthesis

Presentation downloads

Presenter: Steven Higgins

Systematic Reviews: The Potential of Meta-analysis

Presenter: Henry Potts

Meta-narrative review

Presenter: James Thomas

Methods for the synthesis of qualitative research

Presenter: Geoff Wong

A brief introduction to realist synthesis

The level of the session is: Accessible

Presentation details

Presenter 1

Start time: 09:15

Presentation title: Meta-analysis

Author: Professor Steve Higgins

Affiliation: University of Durham

Presenter 2

Start time: 09:45

Presentation title: Realist review

Author: Dr Geoff Wong

Affiliation: Healthcare Innovation and Policy Unit, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Presenter 3

Start time: 10:15

Presentation title: Meta narrative review

Author: Dr Henry Potts

Affiliation: University College London

Presenter 4

Start time: 11:15

Presentation title: Qualitative synthesis

Author: Dr James Thomas

Affiliation: EPPI-Centre, Institute of Education, London