RMF2012 festival banner

PhD poster exhibition

Research students attending the Festival were encouraged to exhibit a poster about their research. Posters were expected to convey something about the research student's research topic and the methodology they employ. 28 posters were submitted and they were judged by a panel on the following criteria:

1.  Academic quality of content.

2.  Communication of ideas in a simple and accessible manner.

3.  Engaging and thought-provoking presentation.


The winners were be announced at the early evening drinks reception at 18.00 on Wednesday 4 July:

  • The 1st prize, a £150 SAGE book token, was awarded to Laura Gibson (University of Sheffield) for her poster 'Does breastfeeding really protect agains childhood obesity?'.
  • 2nd prize, a £75 SAGE book token, was awarded to Will Cook (University of Manchester) for his poster 'Modelling the effect of inclusion of pupils with special educational needs on pupiul attainment in England'.
  • 3rd prize, a £50 SAGE book token, was awarded to Jaimie Ellis (University of Southampton) for her poster 'Young people with autism: A case study of methodological innovation in researching socially exluded groups'.


Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all poster exhibitors for making the Festival poster exhibition a success.