Methods Futures

The Methods Futures project explores factors, including technological and research related developments, that may impact social research. Our aims are to support researchers in anticipating change and to build capacity in a strategically driven methodological responses.

The project has begun with an expanding series of briefings focused on important socio-technical changes that are likely to have a bearing on social research methods and may have greater future impact. Each development raises a range of epistemic, methodological, and interdisciplinary concerns, which should build awareness of potential impacts on social research. The briefings, written by NCRM's Dr Robert Meckin and Professor Mark Elliot, introduce the changes and offer ideas and further reading for the research community.

If you would like to discuss an idea to contribute to the series, or would like to give feedback, please get in touch with Dr Robert Meckin: You can also submit an idea by completing our expression of interest form.

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This page will be updated as new briefings are published.