Changing Research Practices Phases I-II

Changing Research Practice: Undertaking social science research in the context of Covid-19

This Phase I project from NCRM was funded by the ESRC August 2020-February 2021 to look at how Covid-19 is disrupting social research practices by challenging researchers who are conducting social research to re-consider their designs, re-think their ethics, broker different kinds of access, and adapt their research methods. The project team engaged with researchers through a series of knowledge exchange workshops and webinars, scrutinised the grey literature, and conducted a rapid evidence review of the published literature on how social research methods been successfully adapted or designed for use within pandemic conditions.

Read the reports from Phase I:

Changing Research Practices II: Continuing Methods Responses and Research Strategy in Covid-19 Times

Further funding from ESRC enabled the project on how social research practices are changing in light of Covid-19 to continue March-September 2021 as the need for knowledge, discussion and shared inspiration on methods that call be used in the pandemic continued. This second phase saw further knowledge exchange workshops, the creation of more practical resources and an updated rapid evidence review.

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