Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Linking International Macro and Micro Data

1/03/06 - 31/05/07


The aim of the Countries and Citizens: Linking International Macro and Micro Data project was to develop a lasting online teaching and learning resource for the UK education community which identified the potential benefits, practical issues and techniques for linking international macro and micro data. The course was developed as an interactive training resource and also presented as a series of face to face workshops. Project completed.


The project has commissioned, developed and delivered five units of teaching and learning materials (each equating to approximately an hour of core study time) and associated teaching datasets from subject specialist authors at a number of academic institutions. Each of these units contain practical data manipulation activities, subject specific content and are self contained and include all the information that the student might need to complete the unit and achieve the learning outcomes without the assistance of a lecturer/tutor. The e-learning materials are available at


Principal Investigator: Mr Keith Cole, University of Manchester
Co-Investigators:  Professor Ed Fieldhouse, University of Manchester,

Dr Celia Russell, University of Manchester

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Dr Celia Russell,
University of Manchester

Email: Celia.Russell@manchester.
Tel: 0161 275 0609