Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

International Social Research Training

01/05/10 - 30/04/12


The Social Research Association has designed this International Social Research Training Project in partnership with the London School of Economics and two expert consultants (Julia Brannen and Linda Hantrais). The Project aims to develop the capacity of researchers from different national backgrounds to explore social phenomena in more than one socio-cultural setting, and to carry out systematic comparisons across different societies, countries or cultures using the same research tools. The suite of training activities comprises a launch event scheduled for May 2010, followed by a training course consisting of four workshops. The programme is supported by web materials to ensure longer term sustainability. The aim is to raise the quality of international social research across sectors: academic, central government, government agencies, voluntary organisations, independent research institutes and the commercial sector. The training encompasses a number of key methodological and practical aspects: enhancing methodological skills and knowledge in conducting research in international contexts; designing, carrying out and managing international comparative studies; raising awareness of epistemological, methodological and practical issues; improving the quality, and professional and ethical standards of international research; raising levels of confidence among UK social researchers to enable them to bid for and participate in international social research; fostering links between UK social researchers and the international social research community; and developing sustainable provision in the area of international research. The first training course is being delivered in London in 2010. Subsequent courses will be offered across the regions in the UK and abroad in various formats.


Principal Investigator: Dr John Kent, London School of Economics
Co-Investigator: Dr Stephen Mangen, London School of Economics

Contact Details

Dr John Kent,
London School of Economics

Professor Linda Hantrais - consultant on this project

Tel: Nigel Goldie, SRA, on 020 7388 2417