Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Applied Psychometrics II: Advancing Quantitative Methods in Psychological Assessment using freeware (R), Mplus and Stata

01/07/10 - 30/06/12


This project extends the work of our earlier RDI Round 3 award. Activities focus on the design, delivery, web-deployment, and maintenance of statistical techniques from intermediate level psychometric methods that can address issues of fairness and bias, technically referred to as measurement equivalence and differential item functioning (DIF), in psychometric test design and interpretation and assessment research more generally.


The aim is to increase the number of UK researchers who are able to understand and apply these methods, both in their own research and in critically appraising and peer reviewing others’ psychometric research.


Principal Investigator:  Dr Tim Croudace, Cambridge University

Co-Investigator: Professor John Rust, Cambridge University.

Contact Details

Dr Tim Croudace,
Cambridge University

Tel: 01223 336599