Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Interdisciplinary Residential Training Course for Postgraduates in Economic and Social History

01/04/10 – 31/03/13


The Interdisciplinary residential training course for postgraduates in economic and social history runs annually over two and a half days. Through a competitive selection process twelve postgraduates in the middle of their research programmes meet together and individually with five senior members of academic staff in their discipline to discuss the methodological and theoretical challenges in their projects and to identify new methodological techniques to resolve them. The course also provides subject specific training in employability and maximizing the economic and policy impact of research.


All participants are involved in intensive discussions of each of the projects selected for participation and each participant is asked to provide extensive commentary on at least one other project. Each postgraduate attending will submit a full synopsis of their dissertation prior to the workshop as well as a research paper with a note on specific methodological and theoretical problems that have arisen. These will be discussed in small group sessions and with a dedicated member of senior academic staff with particular related expertise. The sessions are followed up after the training course by extensive written reports by the attending members of staff for each participant and by sponsored attendance at the annual Economic History Society conference.


The first course will take place 8-11 December 2010; advertising will begin in Spring 2010


Principal Investigator: Professor Catherine Schenk, University of Glasgow

Contact Details

Professor Catherine Schenk, University of Glasgow

Mrs Maureen Galbraith
Tel: 0141 330 4662