Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative II (NARTI II)

01/07/10 - 30/06/13


Building on the strength of NARTI I to continue and refine the provision of high quality advanced training in business and management studies to researchers from Northern England in a way that combines an efficient use of resources and leading-edge practice. Under the existing NARTI initiative, the collaboration between research-active institutions has meant researchers have been able to learn from specialists as well as one another. Most usually at advanced level rather than ‘core’. Running for three years the network has demonstrated the possibilities arising from this kind of substantive, collective provision, not only by delivering economies of scale by pooling resources to deliver training, but ensuring researchers have the opportunity to learn from experts with significant standing and expertise. NARTI II is an opportunity to continue to deliver and widen these benefits further.


Through continued ESRC support, the region can begin to develop capacity in certain disciplinary areas and/or methods that begin to constitute ‘peaks’ in terms of their being genuinely world-class. NARTI II will identify areas in which member institutions have potential for international excellence and look to emphasise those in its work.


To better understand the potential of academic research as a practice both within and outside academic institutions; NARTI II will broaden its remit from the provision of training in established and emerging methods and skills within and across sub/disciplines, to actively consider the potential offered by methods and methodologies that currently have little or no presence in management research.


Principal Investigator: Dr Robin Holt, University of Liverpool Management School

Co-Investigators: : Dr Tom Burgess, Leeds University Business School,

Professor Tim Clark, Durham Business School

Contact Details

Dr Robin Holt,
University of Liverpool Management School

Mrs Joanne Garrick
Tel: 0113 3432614