Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Increasing the Competence and Confidence of Social Work Researchers II: An Action-Learning Programme to Develop Research Capacity

01/02/08 - 31/01/10


The primary aim of this RDI is to help social work researchers and academics to feel more confident to make a successful medium sized bid to a public funding body.

The project began with a one-day conference in May 2008, followed by:


  • Expert workshops in:


  1. systematic reviews and scoping studies,
  2. mixed methods in design and analysis and
  3. quasi-experimentation and instrument design, aimed specifically at social work research (50 post-graduate researchers will also be invited to attend these workshops).

  • An opportunity for 15 LSet members to spend a month on a 'mini-placement' with a network of registered providers of systematic reviews and scoping studies coordinated by SCIE.

    There will also be available:

  • A repository of downloadable resources for laptops, Mac/PCs, iPods and MP3 players to include all taught materials
  • Synchronous chat-rooms and discussion groups, available in printable forms
  • Online downloadable availability of all published protocols, methodological papers and draft research proposals
  • An online facility to explain in straightforward, non-mathematical terms the basic principles and uses of contemporary statistics for social work researchers.


Principal Investigator: Professor David Shemmings, University of Kent
Co-Investigators: Professor Ian Shaw, University of York,

Professor Joan Orme, University of Glasgow,

Professor John Carpenter, University of Bristol,

Professor Donald Forester, University of Bedford

Contact Details

Professor David Shemmings, University of Kent

Tel: 01634 888988