Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Training in the Quantitative Synthesis of Intervention Research Findings in Education and the Social Sciences

01/04/08 - 31/03/11


The main aims and objectives of the 3 year project are to:


  • develop understanding of the methodology of quantitative synthesis and the meta-analysis of intervention research findings in education;
  • provide training regionally in interpreting and conducting quantitative synthesis of intervention research in education and other social sciences;
  • offer researchers at different stages of their careers training in:

  1. the understanding and interpretation of studies using quantitative synthesis or meta-analysis,
  2. understanding and application of the method, and
  3. developing expertise in understanding advanced issues and advanced techniques in the field;

  • provide support to research students in education in interpreting meta-analyses to extend and complement their training in reviewing empirical research literature.


Please see project website for further information /meta-ed


Principal Investigator: Professor Steven Higgins, Durham University
Co-Investigators: Professor Robert Coe, Durham University,
Dr Mark Newman, Institute of Education, University of London,
Dr James Thomas, Institute of Education, University of London,
Professor Carole Torgerson, University of Birmingham

Contact Details

Professor Steven Higgins,
Durham University

Clare Heaps,
Project Secretary
Durham University
Tel: 0191 334 8374