Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Strategic Expansion of Management Research Capacity: Managing the Training of Researchers as Trainers

01/01/08 - 30/06/10


This project builds on the earlier ‘training trainers’ management research capacity building activity of the ESRC/EPSRC Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Research, funded under RDI Round 1(see Project 12). The present project provides complementary strategic support: from expanding AIM’s e-learning materials, through raising awareness and supporting the work of senior academics in managing research capacity building in their institutions, to promoting sustainable collective workplace learning through a targeted initiative offering training in particular institutions.


There are four types of activity. First, further AIM on-line teaching materials are being developed on the logic of enquiry framing the research process and outputs. Second, the initial project event was a national awareness-raising conference for deans and directors of research in business and management schools on managing research training and researcher development, introducing the range of relevant provision available nationally. Third, one-day workshops were subsequently organised for mid-career and senior researchers on managing two priority areas of research training and researcher development: managing the development of research training and doctoral supervision; and training early career researchers in writing research proposals and publications. Fourth, the targeted initiative promoting sustainable regional development of training early-career researchers as trainers is enabling researchers from individual or collaborating business and management schools to participate in one or more one-day workshops: research student supervision and co-publishing; postgraduate and doctoral research methods training; training research students to engage critically with the literature; and supporting novice researchers with writing research grant proposals.


Principal investigator:  Professor Mike Wallace, Cardiff University

Contact Details

Professor Mike Wallace, Cardiff University

Tel: 029 208 5848