Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics PhD Training Sequence

30/11/06 - 31/10/09

The SGPE PhD Training Sequence has two main aims: The first is to close the gap in both the quality and quantity of training received by SGPE PhD students compared to their North American counterparts. The second is to provide an opportunity for PhD students enrolled at other UK institutions to receive advanced training in economics. Its falls squarely into one of the RDI's main strands: the provision of specific training activities for research students.


Development of a website where details about and materials used in the workshop can be accessed by all those interested.


Principal Investigator: Professor Robert E. Wright, University of Strathclyde

Contact Details

Prof Robert E. Wright, University of Strathclyde

Tel: 0141-548-3861