Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

SRA Development Programme for Advanced Training for Mid-Career and Senior Social Research Practitioners

01/01/07 - 31/12/09


The Social Research Association plays a key role in expanding the provision of training for social researchers from both inside and outside the academic sector. This project enabled the SRA to address gaps in development support for more senior researchers in social policy and applied research fields. RDI funded provision was designed to build capacity in three areas: research and project management, covering effective planning, management and utilisation of research; contemporary areas of development, covering such issues as participatory research, systematic reviews, quality assurance, and ethics; and professional development, offering opportunities for advanced skills tuition in qualitative and quantitative methods. The training was delivered through a suite of courses aimed at those already equipped with some confidence and grounding in social research.


The project also enabled the establishment of an SRA training forum network. Course design and delivery utilised the expertise and experience of senior practitioners within the SRA's membership, and drew upon the potential for systematic collaboration across different social research sectors.


The training developed was at the more applied end of the research spectrum for both academic and non academic researchers. It contributed to meeting the recognised need for researchers in HE Institutions to develop capacity to exploit 'third stream' funding opportunities more effectively.


Principal Investigator: Dr Cathy Sullivan, London Metropolitan University

Contact Details

Dr Cathy Sullivan,
London Metropolitan University

Tel: 020 7133 5064