Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Increasing the Competence and Confidence of Social Work Researchers: Building Research Capacity in Social Work

1/10/06 - 30/09/08


This project addressed the need to develop the quantity and quality of methodological expertise in social work. It focused on research training, postgraduate research students, and advanced methods, in order ultimately to enhance the quality of evidence available to practitioners and positively to influence the development of evidence based policy and practice in Social Work.


There were three complementary strands of project activity: residential summer schools focused on the needs of social work postgraduate students; workshops developing research skills in advanced methods, for experienced staff already involved in research who needed to refresh their research skills or adopt new methodological approaches; and support for research trainers, focusing on regional collaboration, delivery and the evaluation of training, and curriculum development. The workshops were delivered in several regions.


Principal Investigator: Professor Joan Orme, University of Glasgow
Co-Investigators: Professor Jackie Powell, University of Southampton,

Professor Ian Shaw, University of York,

Dr Carol Lewis, Bournemouth University

Contact Details

Professor Joan Orme, University of Glasgow

Tel: 0141 950 3096