Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Managing Research Projects: Supporting Researchers in Collaborative Project Management

01/01/06 - 31/12/08


This project focused on the development of project management skills - particularly those required to collaborate on research projects with partners at institutional, national and international level in the social sciences. Skills needs of early career, mid-career and established career researchers were identified through interviews as they commence, progress and conclude work on a project. The resultant framework was offered as a model for developing institutional strategies for developing researchers’ skills at a regional level. A sample of researchers at each stage was interviewed to identify skills needs. The framework arising was used to develop guidance for consideration and trial among partner institutions in the midland region. The researcher sample was followed up over the project to explore their development. They also acted as a reference group throughout the study. A scoping conference was held, followed by regional conferences and use of a Google discussion group to support the development of a community of practice. The framework was tested and findings presented at several dissemination events.


By working with researchers across different career stages, the project 'trained the trainers' to support and promote the development of project management and collaboration skills in others. It also used a 'train the trainers' approach to disseminate the findings and the outcomes of the project, and to help partner institutions to develop strategies for the development of their researchers' project management and collaboration skills.


Principal Investigator: Professor Geoff Lindsay, University of Warwick
Co-Investigators: Professor Paul Blackmore, King’s College London,

Dr Alan Brown, University of Warwick,

Kate Hughes, University of Warwick,

Professor Gillian Hundt, University of Warwick,

Professor Robert Lindley, University of Warwick

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Professor Geoff Lindsay, University of Warwick

Tel: 024 7652 3213