Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), 2005 - 2010

Advanced Postgraduate Training in Finance

01/12/05 - 31/01/08


The purpose of this advanced level training scheme and its expected benefits to research students and young early career researchers in finance were to develop skills and techniques necessary for undertaking high quality research in finance. The scheme provided advanced training in three core areas of the discipline: asset pricing, corporate finance, and financial econometrics. Student participants had typically gone through the basic training (e.g. research methodology and the equivalent of master level training).


A series of four teaching modules was delivered, each through a one-week residential workshop. Each workshop covered one of the following topics: corporate finance, asset pricing, financial econometrics, and corporate finance. The training activity was based upon advances in the sophistication and rigour of existing ways of thinking about and conducting research in core areas of finance. The training provided exposure to postgraduate research students of advances in ‘best practice’ of research methods in finance. International academics from leading finance departments collaborated on the training exercise, providing explanations of recent research in the discipline, and its context within the literature, through a series of lectures and classes. The teaching format also included tutorial seminars, groupwork, and computer laboratory sessions.


Principal Investigator: Professor Ian Tonks, University of Bath

Contact Details

Professor Ian Tonks,
University of Bath

Tel: (0)1225 384842