Team and network

The network consists of a core leadership team, which is responsible for coordinating the network, as well as a core project team and the wider network group. The project is led by Dr Olga Maslovskaya, Professor Gabriele Durrant, Gerry Nicolaas, Professor Lisa Calderwood and Laura Wilson.

Core leadership team (investigators)

  • Dr Olga Maslovskaya (principal investigator), Associate Professor in Social Statistics and Demography, University of Southampton
  • Professor Gabriele Durrant (co-investigator and chair of network), Director of NCRM and Professor of Social Statistics and Survey Methodology, University of Southampton
  • Gerry Nicolaas (co-investigator), Director of Methods, National Centre for Social Research
  • Professor Lisa Calderwood (co-investigator), Managing Director of Centre for Longitudinal Studies and Co-Director of the Early Life Cohort Feasibility Study, University College London
  • Laura Wilson (co-investigator), Data Collection Lead for the UK Government Data Quality Hub, Office for National Statistics

Core project partners

  • Tim Hanson, Senior Research Fellow, European Social Survey
  • Ben Humberstone, Head of Population Studies, Kantar Public
  • Sam Clemens, Head of the Probability Surveys Unit, Ipsos MORI
  • Debrah Harding, Managing Director, Market Research Society

Project research staff

  • Rose Lindsey, Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton

NCRM Centre Manager

  • Penny White, Centre Manager, National Centre for Research Methods

Network members

The following institutions are currently represented, some with several staff members. NCRM will ask if representations are happy to have their names listed here and/or on the website. This list of members may change over time and we are keen to hear if there are any further members we should to invite.

  • Economic and Social Research Council
  • The National Centre for Research Methods
  • University of Southampton
  • The National Centre for Social Research
  • Ipsos MORI
  • Centre for Longitudinal Studies
  • Academy of Social Sciences and the Campaign for Social Science
  • Survey Methods Advisor
  • National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, UCL
  • Understanding Society, University of Essex
  • Kantar Public
  • European Social Survey
  • Office for National Statistics
  • Sociological Research Association
  • Department for Education
  • Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
  • Government Social Research
  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Scottish Government
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • NHS Digital
  • Welsh Government