Current and recent research


NCRM has run several programmes of methodological research, both in-house and through externally commissioned projects. Research has focused in strategically important areas, enabling social scientists to address key substantive and policy-relevant research questions.

In the 2014-19 period, a series of work packages aimed to advance methods for the analysis of complex data with linked and time-dependent structures, and to understand the pedagogy of methodological learning.

Our latest research projects include pedagogic research on teaching research methods, and undertaking social science research in the context of COVID-19.

Current research projects

Research work packages, 2015-19

Other projects

In addition to our Work Packages, in January 2016, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded the first phase of seven new NCRM methodological research projects. In September 2017 the second phase was launched with four additional methodological projects. Each project tackled a specific, cutting-edge topic and in one year delivered valuable insights into new research methods.