NCRM Reports

Title Year Author(s)

NCRM website user survey: questionnaires and interviews

2020 David Martin, Eva Nedbalova
A summary of the agreed challenges, opportunities and best practice for online data collection in the UK in 2019 and the future 2019 Laura Wilson, Olga Maslovskaya
Assessing the impact of NCRM's Training and Capacity Building Activities 2014 - 2016 2014-2016 Rebekah Luff, Gabriele Durrant
Report of the inquiry into the 2015 British general election opinion polls 2015 Patrick Sturgis, Nick Baker, Mario Callegaro, Stephen Fisher, Jane Green, Will Jennings, Jouni Kuha, Ben Lauderdale, Patten Smith
Review of the Typology of Research Methods within the Social Sciences 2015 Rebekah Luff, Dorothy Byatt, David Martin
Short courses in advanced research methods: Challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning 2014 Daniel Kilburn, Melanie Nind and Rose Wiles
Web surveys for the general population: How, why and when? 2014 Gerry Nicolaas, Lisa Calderwood, Peter Lynn and Caroline Roberts
New frontiers in QLR: definition, design and display 2014 Rachel Thomson, Lucy Hadfield, Janet Holland, Karen Henwood, Niamh Moore, Liz Stanley and Rebecca Taylor
‘Digital Methods as Mainstream Methodology’: Building capacity in the research community to address the challenges and opportunities presented by digitally inspired methods 2013 Steven Roberts, Christine Hine, Yvette Morey, Helene Snee and Hayley Watson
Developing novel research methods to establish and monitor impacts of user engagement in times of austerity: Report on a series of agenda-setting workshops 2013 Irene Hardill, Jon Bannister and Suzanne Martin

Annotated bibliography: Interdisciplinarity

2009 Glyn Everett

Shaping Next Generation CAQDAS Tools

2009 Nigel Fielding, Ann Lewins, Christina Silver, Andy Crabtree, Paul Tennent, Patrick Brundell and MIke Fraser
Adapting econometric causal effect estimators to the public health arena 2009 Sara Geneletti, Nicky Best, Sylvia Richardson, Lorraine Dearden, Harvey Goldstein and Jon Rasbash

Innovations in Social Science Research Methods: an International Perspective

2009 Nigel Gilbert and Maria Xenitidou
Measuring segregation: methods, tools and data 2009 Richard Harris, Rebecca Allen, Simon Burgess, Lorraine Dearden, Harvey Goldstein, RJ Johnston, Kelvyn Jones, George Leckie, Jon Rasbash and Anna Vignoles
Experiments in Empirical Methodology 2009 Tom Ormerod, Linden J Ball and Nicholas Bardsley
The Grammar of the Reporting of Qualitative Research 2009 James Thomas, Chris Taylor and E. Barnett-Page
Visual Ethics: developing good practice 2009 Rose Wiles, Jon Prosser, Jennifer Mason, Amanda Coffey, Graham Crow and Sue Heath

Qualiti (NCRM) Commissioned Inquiry into the risk to well-being of Researchers in Qualitive Research

2008 Bloor, M., Fincham, B., and Sampson, H.

Final report from "Mixed Mode Data Collection in Comparative Social Surveys" workshop

2005 Caroline Roberts
A Typology of Research Methods within the Social Sciences 2004 Gabriele B. Durrant