NCRM Methods Review Papers

Methodological reviews are commissioned by the Hub on a range of methodological topics. Their format includes syntheses of literature in relation to methodological issues, descriptions of innovative approaches and discussions of methodological challenges.

No. Title Year Author(s)
024 Evaluations and improvements in small area estimation methodologies 2013 Adam Whitworth
023 Practical considerations in doing research inclusively and doing it well: Lessons for inclusive researchers 2013 Melanie Nind and Hilra Vinha
022 Blurring the boundaries? New social media, new social research: Developing a newtwork to explore the issues faced by researchers negotiating the new research landscape of online social media platforms 2013 Kandy Woodfield, Gareth Morrell, Katie Metzler, Grant Blank, Janet Salmons, Jerome Finnegan and Mithu Lucraft
021 Doing real time research: Opportunities and challenges 2013 Les Back, Celia Lury, Robert Zimmer
020 Innovative approaches to methodological challenges facing ageing cohort studies 2013 Tarani Chandola, Susan O'Shea
019 How many qualitative interviews is enough? 2012 Sarah Elsie Baker, Rosalind Edwards
018 On the experience and evidence about mixing modes of data collection in large-scale surveys where the web is used as one of the modes in data collection 2011 Shirley Dex, Julia Gumy
017 Survey paradata: A review 2011 Gerry Nicolaas
016 The archive in question 2010 Till Geiger, Niamh Moore, Mike Savage
015 Mixed-method approaches to social network analysis 2010 Gemma Edwards
014 Discourse Analysis: varieties and methods 2009 Jason Glynos, David Howarth, Aletta Norval, Ewen Speed
013 Partnership Research: A review of approaches and challenges in conducting research in partnership with service users 2009 Dr Jo Frankham
012 Conducting qualitative research with people with learning, communication and other disabilities: Methodological challenges 2008 Melanie Nind
011 Visual Ethics: Ethical Issues in Visual Research 2008 Rose Wiles, Jon Prosser, Anna Bagnoli, Andrew Clark, Katherine Davies, Sally Holland, Emma Renold
010 Introducing Visual Methods 2008 Jon Prosser and Andrew Loxley
009 Approaches to Narrative Research 2008 Corinne Squire
008 Mixing modes of data collection in surveys: A methodological review 2007 Caroline Roberts
007 An Overview of Methods for the Analysis of Panel Data 2006 Ann Berrington, Peter WF Smith, Patrick Sturgis
006 Geographically Weighted Regression 2006 Martin Charlton, Stewart Fotheringham, Chris Brunsdon
005 Mixed Methods Research: A Discussion Paper 2005 Julia Brannen
004 Event History Analysis 2005 Fiona Steele

Children as active researchers: a new research paradigm for the 21st century?

2005 Mary Kellett
002 Imputation Methods for Handling Item-Nonresponse in the Social Sciences: A Methodological Review 2005 Gabriele B. Durrant
001 Informed Consent in Social Research: A Literature Review
2005 Rose Wiles, Sue Heath, Graham Crow & Vikki Charles

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