Video explores use of AI in education and research

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Manvi Vora and Ed Grover

A new NCRM video features a conversation between two researchers on the topic of AI in education.

Dr Jen Ross quizzes Dr Wayne Holmes about his research on the implications of using new technologies in learning environments.

The video is the first part of a new In Conversation series that will see researchers delve into a range of issues related to AI.

Dr Holmes, of University College London, describes the studies that have been done on the adoption of AI in education so far and highlights the need for more research into the latest tools.

He explores ethical, environmental and social justice issues, and considers the impact of AI on education now and in the future.

Dr Ross, of the University of Edinburgh, poses questions about how researchers are adopting AI in social research and the benefits and challenges this might bring to academia.

Drawing on examples from different fields, Dr Holmes explains that AI has been used in natural sciences for many years, with its benefits well established, but in the social sciences it is a relatively recent tool.

He stresses that researchers need to increase their understanding of how AI works to ensure that they correctly interpret the findings that it generates.

The video, which is available to watch on YouTube and the NCRM website, provides valuable perspectives for researchers and education practitioners alike, offering insight on an evolving landscape.

The next videos in the series will be published throughout 2024.

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