Series of briefings outlines societal changes impacting methods

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Ed Grover

NCRM has published a new series of briefings that outline social and technical changes which may impact social research methods in the future.

The series is part of a new NCRM project called Methods Futures, which aims to support researchers by anticipating and responding to change.

The first briefing covers human social genomics, while the second covers virtual realties and immersive technologies.

Written by NCRM’s Dr Robert Meckin and Professor Mark Elliot, the briefings raise a range of epistemic, methodological and interdisciplinary concerns.

Dr Meckin said: "Methods are mutable things that evolve and change over time in different contexts. Our aim is to support researchers in anticipating change and to build capacity in strategically driven methodological response."

Researchers interested in contributing to the series can complete an expression of interest form, or contact Dr Meckin with feedback on the briefings published so far:

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