Webinar to focus on secondary data and deprivation in the UK

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Ed Grover

A free webinar will discuss secondary quantitative data, with a focus on the theme of deprivation in the UK.

The event, run by the Data Resources Training Network (DRTN), will be held on Friday, 15 September. It will take place between 10:30 and 12:00 on Teams.

The speakers will be Alle Bloom from the UK Data Service, Smruti Bulsari from the University of Essex and Emily Ennis from University of Leeds. Each speaker will give a 20-minute presentation. The talks will be followed by a quick-fire question-and-answer slot.

To complement the webinar, NCRM has collated a suite of resources relating to the theme of deprivation, which will be launched following the event.

The organisers of the series are Understanding Society, UK Data Service, Consumer Data Research Centre NCRM.

The DRTN is a collaboration between a number of ESRC-funded resource centres, including NCRM, that are working together to promote the value and use of social science data.

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