Final episode in NCRM podcast series now available

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Ed Grover

The final episode in NCRM’s six-part podcast series is available to listen on the Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the NCRM website.

The guest is Professor Laura Bernardi of the University of Lausanne, who discusses just how mixed mixed-methods can be. She also talks about how most research questions relating to change and development over time lend themselves well to longitudinal and mixed methods research, and the importance of establishing and retaining professional parameters with study participants.

There are six episodes in this series of NCRM’s Methods podcast, with each episode featuring a conversation with a leading expert on qualitative longitudinal or mixed methods research.

NCRM has produced the series with the YouthLife project, an international collaboration funded by the European Union that aims to strengthen research on youth transitions from a life course perspective.

Listen to the new podcast series on the NCRM website or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify