JD Carpentieri talks about how qualitative research can add nuance to theory on NCRM podcast

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Ed Grover

The fifth episode in NCRM’s new podcast series is available to listen on the Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the NCRM website.

The guest is Dr JD Carpentieri of University College London, who talks about how qualitative research can add nuance to theory. He also discusses which questions he feels are best suited to mixed methods longitudinal research, shares his top tip on keeping participants on board and explains how he likes to try different analytic techniques for different studies.

Each episode in the six-part podcast series features a conversation with a leading expert on qualitative longitudinal or mixed methods research.

The series is available to listen to on NCRM’s Methods podcast, with new episodes published monthly.
NCRM has produced the series with the YouthLife project, an international collaboration funded by the European Union that aims to strengthen research on youth transitions from a life course perspective.

Listen to the new podcast series on the NCRM website or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify