NCRM publishes collection of 10 papers on investigative methods

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Ed Grover

NCRM has published a new collection of papers on investigative methods.

The collection brings together investigators working in different domains, sectors and areas of interest to help capture the breadth, scope and relevance of investigative practices.

Each of the 10 contributions presents a different investigative method or set of methods and, through case studies, demonstrates their value.

Titled Investigative Methods: An NCRM Innovation Collection, the publication covers topics such as the use of force by state actors, historical practices of democratic petitioning, networks of far-right discourse and corporate structures that enable tax avoidance.

A working principle of the collection is that investigative methods may be considered, alongside creative, qualitative, quantitative, digital, participatory and mixed methods, a distinct yet complementary style of research.

The collection’s editors are Dr Michael Mair of the University of Liverpool, Dr Robert Meckin of The University of Manchester and NCRM’s Deputy Director Professor Mark Elliot, of The University of Manchester.

Dr Mair said: "The contributions to the collection highlight the importance of investigative methods using digital technologies across a range of societal domains, from politics and finance to law and health. Investigative methods generate powerful insights into social, political, cultural and economic life, now and in the past.

"It’s been a pleasure working with such a diverse group of authors from the academic, NGO and media sectors, and our thanks go to everyone who was involved."

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