New cognitive content added to CLOSER’s cross-study data guide

NCRM news

A new interactive overview of the within- and between-study coverage of cognitive constructs across five British birth cohorts has been added to CLOSER’s cognitive measures cross-study data guide.

Launched last year, CLOSER’s cognitive measures cross-study data guide allows users to explore 180 measures used to assess diverse aspects of cognition collected in the 1946, 1958, 1970, 2000-01 British birth cohorts and the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children.

This new section of the resource offers researchers novel support for identifying and evaluating comparability in measures of cognition collected by these five cohort studies.

As part of the update, a series of searchable tables have been added which provide insights into the similarity and overlap between measures. The new content has been created using the Cattell-Horn-Carroll model of cognitive ability as the basis for flagging where different measures tap into potentially similar broadly-defined cognitive abilities.

By documenting and comparing the cognitive constructs measured within these longitudinal studies, this new content will help researchers in establishing the availability of comparable cognitive assessments for conducting longitudinal and cross-study investigations. Researchers can explore the coverage and overlap in cognitive ability measurements by both cohort study and respondent age.

These interactive tables are taken from a new report, Feasibility of retrospectively harmonising the cognitive measures in the five British birth cohorts.