Vacancy: Research Officer in Latent Network Modelling

NCRM news
Camilya Maleh, LSE

The Department of Methodology at the London School of Economics and Political Science is looking to recruit a Research Officer (PhD desired but not required) to work with Dr Eleanor Power on her ESRC-funded collaborative project aimed at developing novel latent network models and associated R and Python packages. A core part of this will involve collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of network scientists and social scientists, primarily including Dr Caterina De Bacco (Max Planck Institute in Intelligent Systems) and Dr Daniel Redhead (Max Planck Institute in Evolutionary Anthropology), to develop these tools. The software development role entails developing R and Python packages, intended for use by social scientists. The software developed in this position will translate research code into a maintainable, deployable, and robust software. The software projects are intended for wide use and will be made available open source. Applicants must have strong computer programming skills (preferably in R and Python), experience with working with network data, and good statistical training. They should be keen to work closely with an international, interdisciplinary set of researchers to collaborate on the writing of conference papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, and software documentation.