Teaching research methods in the era of Covid-19: NCRM event series

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Eva Nedbalova, NCRM Communications Manager

If you are teaching social research methods, then you may be interested in our new Train the Trainer events. These online ‘courses’ (shared learning/knowledge exchange forums) are designed to support teachers/trainers of research methods to reflect on and enhance their pedagogy. They are all related to adjusting to new ways of teaching and learning in the pandemic and while doing so ensuring that our teaching remains student-centred/active/experiential.

The first course focuses on ‘Staying student-centred’ (10 – 17 March), the second course addresses ‘Learning through doing’ (4 – 11 May) and the third one looks at ‘Experiential approach’ (13 – 20 July).  

Event participants will be encouraged to join the NCRM Pedagogy Network.