Switching to teaching, learning and researching online - what does it mean for research methods?

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Eva Nedbalova

We at NCRM are busy tracking Twitter and other online communities for great ideas on how people are managing to switch to teaching and learning other than face-to-face. We think there is a real energy out there - born of necessity - for thinking creatively about how we teach and learn. But what does this mean for research methods in particular? Please retweet useful material with a shout out to @NCRMUK and @m_nind or email info@ncrm.ac.uk and we will collate what we can for another of our NCRM Quick Start Guides.

Meanwhile, we had to postpone some of our upcoming face-to-face training courses and we are working on moving more of our training online. Please keep an eye on our training calendar which lists both NCRM and non-NCRM courses.


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