IJSRM Seminar Competition 2017 - 18 Funding Call

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Eva Nedbalova

The Board of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology (IJSRM) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Seminar Competition. Our aim is to support the development of critical and innovative approaches to on-going and emerging methodological debates across a range of approaches, both qualitative and quantitative, and including mixed and comparative methods, as these relate to philosophical, theoretical, ethical, political and practice issues.   Seminars may consist of single or multiple day events.  Topics can include any area of social research methodology.

•    Available funding  £3500

Guidelines for Applicants

We are seeking proposals that are concerned with debate and critical development of original cutting edge work of methodological significance.  Seminars may bring together established and new researchers.  They should be collaborative in approach across different institutions and disciplines and may include colleagues from relevant, non-HE, organisations.

Proposals should have clear goals and outcomes with evident concern to the methodological contribution of the Seminar.  In addition, a core purpose of the Seminar series is to engage with, and contribute to the development of an international community of social researchers.  Accordingly, proposers may consider how their events can be recorded for non-participants and posted on the IJSRM multimedia site.  Proposers should also consider the development of a paper (papers) or a special issue for IJSRM.  These would then be subject to the normal refereeing process.


We are open to suggestions for format either in the form of a single day seminar or in the form of multiple days across the academic year 2017-18.  Applicants may find it advantageous to organise their event adjacent to another similar event (conference, seminar).

It is expected that the funding will be used towards meeting the cost of room and equipment hire, hospitality, consumables and travel for speakers.  It is expected that there are no costs for delegate attendance

How to Apply

Further details and an application form can be obtained from Alice Edwards, Journal Administrator, tsrm-editor@tandf.co.uk.  

Closing date for applications: 30th April 2017

Assessment Criteria

All submissions will be reviewed by a Committee drawn from the Board of IJSRM and will be assessed against the following criteria:

•    Contribution to the development of methodological innovation and debate;
•    Relevance to the aims and scope of IJSRM;
•    Projected outputs and impact;
•    Value for Money


•    All successful seminars will have a named Principal Organiser and named Co-Organiser.  The Principal Organiser will be responsible for all promotion and management of the programme of work, including arrangements for the venue, rooms, facilities, dealing with expense forms, submitting claim forms for event costs to IJSRM.
•    Travel, at standard return rail fare rates and reasonable subsistence for speakers is permissible.  Fees will not be paid to speakers.
•    Delegates will not be paid expenses for attendance.
•    Seminars would be expected to take place during the 2017 – 18 academic year.
•    The events will be promoted by the Principal Organiser and co-organisers through their research networks, institutions and departments.  All communications with participants and publicity of events will acknowledge sponsorship by the International Journal of Social Research Methodology.
•    Further promotion will be undertaken by Taylor & Francis as appropriate.