Call for proposals for special issues: International Journal of Social Research Methodology

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Kaisa Puustinen

The International Journal of Social Research Methodology publishes up to two guest-edited Special Issues per volume. The IJSRM editorial board welcomes proposals for Special Issues for volume 18, to be submitted to the Journal editors by Friday 17th July 2015 for consideration at the September editorial board meeting. Proposals should be submitted via email to

Potential guest editors should submit a proposal of no longer than 3 pages covering:

  • Rationale. The timeliness, importance and international interest of the methodological topic and methods addressed.
  • Fit with the IJSRM remit. See the Journal's statement of aims and scope on its website or on the back inside cover of hard copies of IJSRM.
  • Indicative contents. Titles, authors and abstracts should be provided, including an editorial. Contents should demonstrate an international orientation, including through the range of contributors. If this is not the case, then a rationale should be provided.
  • Reviews. IJSRM publishes review articles of several publications from a single reviewer, or multiple reviews of a single publication by several reviewers. If you would like to include book reviews in your special issue, they should be of this type of format.


Each Special Issue should amount to 45,000 words in total, which includes the editorial, abstracts, papers, references and reviews. The editorial should provide a 'state of play' introduction to methodological issues and methods addressed.


Responsibilities of guest editors:

  • ensure manuscripts are in keeping with IJSRM guidelines (see website)
  • ensure articles are peer refereed (such as by setting up a refereeing panel), with a list of reviewers either provided to the Journal editors or thanked in the editors' introduction
  • deal with all correspondence with the contributors, Journal editors and Routledge production editor
  • provide a 'state of play' editorial
  • liaise with the editors and, if required, the reviews editors
  • ensure timely delivery of the final manuscript to the editors


Responsibilities of Journal editors:

  • facilitate the preparation of the Special Issue
  • provide final quality control for the Issue
  • forward the Special Issue to the Journal's production editor


Rosalind Edwards, Christina Hughes and Malcolm Williams
International Journal of Social Research Methodology