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Methods News covers methodological developments in the social sciences and beyond, across all disciplines and sectors. We publish NCRM-related stories as well as updates from external organisations and individuals working with or researching quantitative, qualitative, digital, creative, visual, mixed and multimodal methods.

The (non-)probability survey debate explained

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned a lot about how the global spread of the virus has impacted people’s lives. Surveys have …

How can we measure health inequality?

Economists (and more broadly social scientists) are increasingly focused on the measurement and causes of inequality in health. Health inequality has many sources, not all of …

Four key methods for evaluating policy impact

It has often been said that COVID-19 has made amateur epidemiologists of us all, and perhaps less often, amateur behavioural scientists and economists too. As society has …

Multilevel modelling: what we’ve learnt from our research

In many practical situations when it comes to modelling data through a simple linear regression, we may have the scenario where observations are somehow similar, correlated …

Random effects models: practical training for social scientists

This week I am just back from teaching a two-week course at the Essex Summer School called Introduction to Multilevel Models. Traditionally a popular annual residential …

Beyond adaptation: just transferring online?

The most pronounced challenge of doing research during COVID-19 was the watershed switch to the online world. With limited or no training and support, researchers and …

Research methods in Covid-19: useful evidence and supportive communities

Social researchers are adapting, switching and experimenting with methods in the pandemic. We devised a small project to synthesise the emerging evidence about methodological adaptations and …

EVENS: survey documenting the lives of ethnic and religious minority people during Covid-19

February 16th sees the launch of the Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) survey: Evidence for Equality National Survey (EVENS) – which will be …