Vernon Gayle

Deputy Director

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Centre Activities

  • Co-investigator


Research Interests

  • Large and complex datasets
  • Social surveys
  • Administrative data
  • Social stratification
  • Social statistics
  • Sociology of youth
  • Sociology of education
  • Migration studies
  • Fertility
  • Sociology of sport


Recent Publications

  • Findlay, A., McCollum, D., Coulter, R, and Gayle, V. (accepted) ‘New mobilities across the lifecourse: a framework for analysing demographically-linked drivers of migration’, Population, Place and Space.
  • Gayle, V., Murray, S. & Connelly, R. (published on-line 2014) Young people and school General Certificate of Secondary Education attainment: looking for the ‘missing middle’, British Journal of Sociology of Education, DOI: 10.1080/01425692.2014.935292.
  • Lowe, J, & Gayle, V. (published on-line 2014) ‘From lifelong learning to youth employment: back to the future for higher education in Scotland’s colleges’, Journal of Further and Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/0309877X.2014.971104.

  • McClung, M. and Gayle, V. (2014) ‘Social Capital and Children in Care’, Every Child Journal, 4.2, pp.74-79.

  • Nowok, B., van Ham, M., Findlay, A. and Gayle, V. (2013) ‘Does migration make you happy? A longitudinal study of internal migration and subjective wellbeing’, Environment and Planning A, 45(4), pp. 986-1002.

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  • Lambert, P., Connelly, R., Blackburn, B. and Gayle, V. (eds) (2012) Social Stratification:Trends and Processes, Surrey, Ashgate.

  • McParland, P., Devine, P., Innes, A. and Gayle, V. (2012) ‘Dementia knowledge and attitudes of the general public in Northern Ireland: an analysis of national survey data’, International Psychogeriatrics, 24, pp.1600-1613.

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