Susie Weller

Visiting Fellow

Photo of Susie Weller


Centre Activities

  • Senior researcher on YouthLife; an EC H2020 programme with colleagues at Tallin University,
    the University of Bamberg, and the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute.
    The project seeks to build capacity in bridging qualitative and quantitative longitudinal research
    on youth transitions


Research Interests

  • Childhood, youth, and families
  • Patient journeys and the wider impact of health conditions and interventions on families
  • Qualitative and qualitative longitudinal research, including creative and participatory approaches
  • ‘Big qual’ and qualitative secondary analysis


Recent publications

  • Strömmer, S,. Weller, S., Morrison, L., Soltani, H., Stephenson, J., Whitworth, M., Rundle, R., Brewin, J., Poston, L., Lawrence, W., Barker, B., (in press) Young women’s and midwives’ perspectives on improving nutritional support in pregnancy: the Babies, Eating and LifestyLe in Adolescence (BELLA) Study, Social Science and Medicine.

  • Weller, S. and Hardy-Johnson, P., Strommer, S., Fall, C.H.D., Banavali, U., Chopra, H., Janha, R., Joseph, S., Joshi Reddy, K., Mengistie, M.A., Wrottesley, S., Kouakou, E., Barker, M. and the TALENT collaboration (2020) 'I should be disease free, healthy and be happy in whatever I do': a cross-country analysis of drivers of adolescent diet and physical activity in different low- and middle-income contexts, Public Health Nutrition. Online. doi: 10.1017/S1368980020001810.

  • Chopra, H., Weller, S., Gandhi, M.J., Sahariah, S.A., Potdar, R., Barker, M., Kehoe, S.H., Fall, C.H.D., Hardy-Johnson, P., and the TALENT collaboration (2020) Conflicts between adolescents and their caregivers living in slums of Mumbai, India in relation to junk food consumption and physical activity, Public Health Nutrition. Online. doi: 10.1017/S1368980020001640.

  • Edwards, R., Weller, S., Jamieson, L. and Davidson, E., (2020) Search strategies: Analytic searching across multiple data sets and with combined sources, in K. Hughes and A. Tarrant (eds) Qualitative Secondary Analysis, Sage: London, pp. 79-100.

  • Barker, M., Hardy-Johnson, P., Weller, S., Haileamlak, A., Jarjou, L., Jesson, J., Krishnaveni, G.V., Kumaran, K., Leroy, V., Moore, S., Norris, S., Patil, S., Sahariah, S., Ward, K., Yajnik, C., Fall, C. and the TALENT collaboration (2020) How do we improve adolescent diet and physical activity in India and sub-Saharan Africa? Findings from the Transforming Adolescent Lives through Nutrition (TALENT) consortium. Public Health Nutrition. Online. doi: 10.1017/S1368980020002244.

  • Edwards, R., Davidson, E., Jamieson, L. and Weller, S. (2020) Theory and the breadth-and-depth method of analysing large amounts of qualitative data: a research note, Quality & Quantity.

  • Abera, M., Hardy-Johnson, P., Abdissa, A., Workicho, A., Ali, R., Weller, S., Fall, C., Kehoe, S., Barker, M., Haileamlak, A. and the TALENT collaboration (2020) Social, economic and cultural influences on adolescent nutrition and physical activity in Jimma, Ethiopia: Perspectives from adolescents and their caregivers. Public Health Nutrition. Online. doi: 10.1017/S1368980020001664.

  • Reddy, K., Kamble, V., Kunte, P., Hardy-Johnson, P., Fall, C., Barker, M., Weller, S., Yajnik, C., Kehoe, S. and the TALENT collaboration (2020) Factors affecting adolescent diet and physical activity in the context of epidemiological transition in rural Maharashtra, India. Public Health Nutrition. Online. doi: 10.1017/S1368980020002220

  • Banavali, U., Patil, S., Chavan, R., Sonawane, S., Joglekar, C., Fall, C.H.D., Weller, S., Kehoe, S.H., Barker, M., Hardy-Johnson, P. and the TALENT collaboration (2020) What shapes adolescents’ diet and physical activity habits in rural Konkan, Maharashtra, India? Public Health Nutrition. Online. doi: 10.1017/S1368980020001731.

  • Janha, R.E, Hardy-Johnson, P., Mendy, M.B., Camara, I., Jarjou, L., Ward, K., Moore, S.E., Fall, C.H.D., Barker, M., Weller, S. and the TALENT collaboration (2020) Exploring influences on adolescent diet and physical activity in rural Gambia, West Africa; food insecurity, culture and the natural environment, Public Health Nutrition, Online, pp. 1-11. doi:10.1017/S1368980020002669.

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  • Weller, S., Davidson, E., Edwards, R. and Jamieson, L. (2019) Analysing large volumes of complex qualitative data: Reflections from a group of international experts, NCRM Working Paper.

  • Lewthwaite, S., Weller, S., Jamieson, L., Edwards, R. and Nind, M. (2019) Developing pedagogy for Big Qual Methods: Teaching how to analyse large volumes of secondary qualitative data, NCRM Working Paper

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