Rose Lindsey

Senior Research Fellow

Photo of Rose Lindsey


Centre Activities

  • NCRM impact assessment for NCRM’s mid-term review
  • ESRC funded project ‘The impact of COVID on survey data collection methods in the social sciences’

Research interests

  • Longitudinal mixed-methods research
  • Voluntary action and the voluntary sector
  • Using Mass Observation writing in research


  • Lindsey, R. (2022) ‘Using Mass Observation as a source of qualitative secondary data for interdisciplinary longitudinal research on voluntary action’ in Dean, J., and Hogg, E. (eds) Researching Voluntary Action: Innovations and Challenges Bristol: Policy Press (forthcoming, 21/03/2022)
  • Brewis, G., Ellis Paine, A., Hardill, I., Lindsey R., and Macmillan, R. (2021) Transformational Moments in Social Welfare: What Role for Voluntary Action? Bristol: Policy Press
  • Brewis, G., Ellis Paine, A., Hardill, I., Lindsey R., and Macmillan, R. (2021) 'Co-curation: Archival interventions and voluntary sector record' published in AREA. DOI: 10.1111/area.12768
  • Lindsey, R., and Mohan, J. (2018) Continuity and Change in Voluntary Action: Patterns, Trends, Understandings. Bristol: Policy Press
  • Lindsey, R., Metcalfe E., and Edwards R. (2015) ‘Time in mixed methods longitudinal research: working across written narratives and large-scale panel survey data to investigate attitudes to volunteering’ in Worth N., and Hardill, I. (eds) Researching the Lifecourse: Critical Reflections from the Social Sciences. Bristol: Policy Press