Mark Elliot


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Centre Activities

  • Vice-Director with responsibility for teaching and learning

Research Interests

  • Confidentiality, privacy and disclosure
  • Attitudes research

Recent publications

  • (2024, Accepted) ‘Deriving longitudinal measures of paternal engagement in childcare.’ Journal of family issues with Norman, H and Vanchugova, D.
  • (2024, Accepted) ‘Deprivation effects on length of stay and survival of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Greater Manchester’ International Journal of Population Data Science with Murphy, J., Ravindrarajah, R., Whittaker, W.
  • (2023) ‘Micro-macro multilevel analysis of day-to-day lifestyle and carbon emissions in UK multiple occupancy households.’, Sustainable Production and Consumption 39, 13-29, With Liu,T and Shryane, N.
  • (2023) ‘Federated learning for generating synthetic data: a scoping review.’, International Journal of Population Data Science 8 (1), with Little, C. and Allmendinger, R.
  • (2023) ‘Families of children with disabilities: income poverty, material deprivation and unpaid care in the UK’. Submitted to Humanities and Social Communications. 10 (1), 1-11, with Nicoricu, A.
  • (2023) ‘Why call it equality?” revisited: an extended critique of the EIGE index’ Social Indicators Research. 168, 389–408, with Schmid, C.
  • (2023) Using video cameras as a research tool in public spaces: addressing ethical and information governance challenges under data protection legislation. Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour. 6 (2), 145-155, With Benton, J., Evans, J., Mourby, M., Anderson, J., Hipp, J. A. & French, D.
  • (2023) ‘To Link or Synthesize? Effects on Data Quality’. Journal of Data and Information Quality. 15 (2), 1-20, with Smith, D. and Sakshaug, J.
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  • (2023) ‘Automation on Twitter: Measuring the Effectiveness of Approaches to Bot Detection’. Social Science Computing Review. 41 (1), 181-200With Beatson, O., Gibson, R. and Cantijoch Cunill, M.
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  • (2023) Federated Synthesis UNECE worksession on statistical data confidentiality. September 2023 Munich, with Little C and Allmendinger, R.
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  • (2022) ‘Measuring the effects of fathers’ involvement on risky behaviours in adolescence.’ Social Science Research 102749 with Vanchugova, D. and Norman, H.
  • (2022) ‘Attitudes to climate change risk: classification of and transitions in the UK population between 2012 and 2020’. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 9 (1), 1-15. with Liu, T. and Shryane, N.
  • (2022) ‘Wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: a secondary data analysis’. Discover Social Science and Health 2 (1), 1-19 with Murphy, J.
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  • (2021) ‘Understanding political sentiment: Using Twitter to map the US 2016 Democratic primaries’ In U. Wengel (ed) A Handbook of Computational Social Science. Sage. With Loynes, N.
  • (2021) ‘Modelling Data Environments with PROV to assist Anonymisation Decision-making’ Proceedings of UNECE worksession on statistical data confidentiality. Poznan, Poland, December 2021 with Jarwar, A., Chapman, A, and Raji, F. Downloadable from:
  • (2021) ‘Generative adversarial networks for synthetic data generation: A comparative study’ Proceedings of UNECE worksession on statistical data confidentiality. Poznan, Poland, December 2021 with Little C., Allmendinger, R. and Samani, S. Downloadable from:
  • (2020) Length of Stay in ICU of Covid-19 Patients in England, March-May 2020. International Journal of Population Data Science, 5(4). With Shryane, N., Pampaka, M., Castro, A.L.A., Ahmad, S., Kim, J.H., Murphy, J., Olsen, W., Ruiz, D.A.P. and Wiśniowski, A.
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