Dr Gil Dekel

e-Learning Technologist

Photo of Gil Dekel

Email: G.Dekel@soton.ac.uk

Centre activities

  • Developing and designing online interactive e-learnings
  • Staff training in design and pedagogy best-practices

Research interests

  • Processes of inspiration and creativity in art-making
  • Applications of intuitive processes

Recent publications

  • ‘Draw Your Breath: improving focus and creative skills through arts and technologies.’ July 2023. NCRM. Full text
  • ‘Digital education for sustainable teachings in the future.’ May 2022. Open University Design@Open. Full text
  • The Energy Book: Chakras, Koshas, Vayus, and Elements. Co-author. 2019. More details
  • The words of silence: Visualising your path home. Co-author. 2019. More details
  • In God's Garden: meditation guide book. Co-author. 2019. More details
  • ‘Organising information through colours: design tips’. Open University Design@Open, March 2017. Full text
  • ‘Self-reflective team-building process’. Based on the work of Dr. Goldsmith. PoeticMind: educational project for the study of creativity and inspiration, Dec 2016. Full text
  • ‘Inspiration: a functional approach to creative practice’. PhD Thesis. 2012. Full text
  • ‘The shift in the role of museums following the mass-reproduction of images of artworks’ PoeticMind: educational project for the study of creativity and inspiration, July 2011. Full text
  • ‘Wordless Silence of Poetic Mind: Outlining and Visualising Poetic Experiences through Artmaking’. Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 9 (2), 2008, Art. 26. Full text
  • ‘Who is the Author of my Poems? Art Practice Based PhD Exploring Knowledge Gained in the Process of Creativity’. Journal of the World Universities Forum, (ISSN: 1835-2030) vol.1, Issue 3, 2008, pp.113-120.
  • ‘Illuminating the Word: Visualisation of Poetic Experiences Through Filmmaking’. International Journal of Arts in Society, (ISSN: 1833-1866), vol.2 (5), 2008, pp.39-44.


  • Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Coin, in recognition for dedication and commitment in supporting police officers and staff. Hampshire Constabulary, 2022
  • Emerging Scholar Award, 2022. Common Ground Research Networks
  • Emerging Scholar Award, 2021. Common Ground Research Networks
  • Police Support Volunteers Team of the Year 2019
  • Sharret Prize in Graphic Design 2003
  • Sharret Prize in Graphic Design 2002
  • Company's Outstanding Distinction (Army) 1992