Ali Hanbury

Senior Engagement Manager

Photo of Ali Hanbury


Centre activities

I am responsible for NCRM’s national engagement strategy across three hub institutions and nine centre partners, in addition to contributing to the overall functioning of the Centre through excellent working relationships with colleagues and partners. I have developed and launched two new national networks of academics and social researchers from across the Economic and Social Research Council’s portfolio.

I work collaboratively and creatively to develop innovative mechanisms to identify and engage key audiences across various sectors and industries. By utilising a range of engagement activities and events, I work with cross-sector researchers to showcase methodological developments. NCRM’s engagement function has three active priority areas, they are to engage with 1) ESRC-funded investments, 2) cross-sector social researchers (namely within the Voluntary, Community, Social, Faith and Enterprise sector) and to engage on 3) the interface of health research and social sciences.


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