Hub at the University of Southampton

The main focus of the Hub is the strategic development of the NCRM and on the coordination of the NCRM activities. The Hub is responsible for developing the NCRM research, and training and capacity building strategy, coordinating the ESRC research methods training bursaries scheme and organising the biennial ESRC Research Methods Festival. The Hub also commissions methodological reviews and network projects and manages NCRM communications and relations with the broader social science research community.


Members of the Hub team conduct research into the methodological research and training needs of the UK social science community, which informs policy and practice in relation to the development of research methods capacity in the UK. Hub staff also undertake methodological research.


The long-running ESRC-funded Courses in Applied Social Surveys (CASS) is coordinated by the Hub. CASS is a programme of short courses across the whole quantitative survey process from design and data collection to data analysis.


The Hub also hosts the ESRC-funded ReStore project, which preserves, sustains and actively maintains selected online research methods resources beyond the initial funding award.


The Hub is based at the University of Southampton.


Hub address:

National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM)
Social Sciences
Room 4139, Murray Building (Bldng 58)
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom