Video Interviewing Methodological Special Interest Group

The Video Interviewing Methodological Special Interest Group (VI MSIG) is made up of 36 members across 19 organisations in five countries. A core group of organisers co-lead the group, which is chaired by Tim Hanson, Senior Research Fellow, European Social Survey ERIC, at City, University of London.

The VI MSIG meets approximately twice a year. In 2023, the VI MSIG’s activity includes:

  1. Delivering three "live video interviewing in survey practice" sessions at the ESRA conference to be held in Milan in July 2023.
  2. Editing a journal special issue on video interviewing for collecting survey data for methods, data, analyses, with a first call being live in May 2023.
  3. Collation of information on video interviewing experiences and best practice for the Survey Data Collection Network in the UK.

For more information or queries about the VI MSIG, please email Tim Hanson on

Core group

  • Tim Hanson (chair), City, University of London, UK
  • Gabriele Durrant, University of Southampton, UK
  • Fred Conrad, University of Michigan, USA
  • Andrew Jupp, University of Michigan, USA

    • Members

      • Olga Maslovskaya, University of Southampton, UK
      • Kirsty Cole, National Centre for Social Research, UK
      • Alice McGee, Kantar, UK
      • Tom Huskinson, Ipsos, UK
      • Alex Bogdan, Ipsos, UK
      • Eileen Irvin, Ipsos, UK
      • Adele Bearfield, Ipsos, UK
      • Benjamin Phillips, Social Research Centre, Australian National University, Australia
      • Jasmine Mitchell, City, University of London (European Social Survey HQ), UK
      • Hanyu Sun, NORC (University of Chicago), US
      • Ipek Bilgen, NORC (University of Chicago), US
      • Heidi Guyer, RTI, US
      • Tim Smith, RTI, US
      • Christine Carr, RTI, US