Independent advisory board

The Independent advisory board is an independent body whose members act as critical friends, playing a key role in advising and challenging the Centre in relation to all aspects of NCRM’s activities. Members have been drawn from across the various constituencies of the UK social science community and beyond.


Professor Fiona Steele (Chair) London School of Economics
Dr Christina Silver University of Surrey
Professor Elizabeth Stokoe Loughborough University
Dr Vanessa Higgins University of Manchester
Dr Jen Ross The University of Edinburgh
Juliet Whitworth Local Government Association
Dr Tom Smith ONS Data Science Campus
Professor Paul Lambert University of Stirling
Professor Richard Rogers University of Amsterdam
Professor Sin Yi Cheung Cardiff University
Dr Patten Smith Ipsos MORI
Professor David DeRoure University of Oxford
David Johnson Department for Work and Pensions
Professor Gabe Mythen University of Liverpool