ReStore: A Sustainable Web Resources Repository  

NCRM Hub hosts the ESRC-funded ReStore project, which preserves, sustains and actively maintains selected online research methods resources beyond the initial funding award.

These online resources not only provide a valuable personal development resource for researchers unable to participate in face-to-face training, but also provide an important repository of social science knowledge.

The development of an online resource is time-consuming and expensive and the full value of the resource only comes into play close to the point at which funding ends. Following the completion of the initial award, the value of the resource will often deteriorate, seriously limiting the returns on the initial investment by ESRC.

There has been a considerable ESRC investment in online resources through initiatives such as the Research Methods Programme (RMP), the Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), Quantitative Methods Initiative (QMI) and the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM).


The ReStore project aims to :

  1. Build a prototype of a service for sustaining online resources
  2. Establish a service to sustain online resources in the field of research methods
  3. Lead the development of a long-term strategy for ESRC in sustaining on-line resources.


Activities to sustain online resources are related primarily to the support provided for software where upgrades introduce new features, new methodological developments which need to be recognised, and new or updated references.

For further information about the project and to see available research methods online resources please go to the ReStore website.