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Breaking new ground - NCRM Phase 3 launch

Since 2004 the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) has been working towards building a substantial programme of research and training at the frontiers of developments in social science research methodology.

NCRM launched the new Phase 3 nodes on Wednesday 19 October 2011 in an evening reception at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London. The reception gathered a large group of people across the social science research community with interests in methods.

1/37 The NCRM Phase 3 launch event was held on 19 October 2011 at the Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London.

2/37 ESRC Chief Executive Professor Paul Boyle (centre) attended the launch event.

3/37 Professor Boyle gave a talk about the ESRC strategy and future challenges.

4/37 NCRM Director, Professor Patrick Sturgis (centre)

5/37 Paul Boyle addressing the launch event attendees.

6/37 Director of NOVELLA node Professor Ann Phoenix (right) presenting their poster. NOVELLA focuses on narratives of varied everyday lives and linked approaches.

7/37 MODE node presenting their poster. MODE focuses on multimodal methods for researching digital data and environments.

8/37 PATHWAYS node presenting their poster. PATHWAYS is interested in biosocial influences on health.

9/37 Professor Mike Brewer (left) presenting poster from PEPA node. PEPA focuses on programme evaluation for policy analysis.

10/37 NCRM Hub is based at the University of Southampton. The main focus of the Hub is the strategic development of the NCRM and coordination of the NCRM activities.

11/37 TALISMAN node focuses on geospatial data analysis and simulation. TALISMAN director Professor Mark Birkin in the centre of the picture.

13/37 TALISMAN node director Professor Mark Birkin and Professor Jane Elliott (Centre for Longitudinal Studies)

14/37 PATHWAYS node director Professor Emily Grundy

15/37 Professor Chris Skinner (centre, London School of Economics and Political Science)

16/37 NCRM Deputy Director Professor Graham Crow

17/37 Professor Lorraine Dearden (ADMIN node, Phase 2) and Dr Barbara Sianesi (PEPA node)

18/37 Professor David Martin (left, NCRM Hub) and Mr Neil Serougi (centre, Solihull NHS Care Trust)

19/37 Event attendees had the opportunity to socialise while enjoying the canapes and drinks.

20/37 Dr Patten Smith (left, Ipsos MORI) and Dr Bob Erens (right, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

21/37 Dr Andy Hudson-Smith (TALISMAN node) and Ms Kaisa Puustinen (NCRM Hub)

22/37 Dr Paul Stoneman (left, NCRM HUb) and Dr Jeff Bezemer (MODE node)

23/37 Dr Janet Boddy from NOVELLA node

24/37 Dr Rebecca O'Connell from NOVELLA node

25/37 Mrs Gosia Turner (centre) from the NCRM Hub

26/37 Dr Diane Mavers from MODE node

27/37 Professor Kenneth Benoit (left) and Dr Jouni Kuha from London School of Economics and Political Science

28/37 Mr Peter Mouncey from International Journal of Market Research

29/37 Ms Gerry Nicolaas (left) and Ms Penny Young from NatCen, and Professor Heather Laurie from ISER

30/37 Dr Nick Allum (left) from ISER, Professor Martin Bulmer from University of Surrey and Professor John MacInnes from University of Edinburgh

31/37 Dr Frank Nolan from the Office for National Statistics

32/37 Professor Graham Crow (NCRM Hub), Ms Sam Clemens (NatCen) and Dr Libby Bishop (ESDS)

33/37 Ms Carli Lessof (left, NatCen), Professor Heather Laurie (ISER) and Professor Jane Elliott (Longitudinal Studies Centre)

34/37 Professor Mike Wallace from Researcher Development Initiative

35/37 Professor Lucinda Platt (left, Centre for Longitudinal Studies), Professor Jacqueline Scott (University of Cambridge) and Professor Angela Dale (University of Manchester)

36/37 Professor Tarani Chandola from University of Manchester

37/37 This launch event marked the start of the NCRM Phase 3 nodes.