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NCRM Annual Lecture 2011 - Making better use of administrative data in research

Speaker: Professor Paul Boyle, ESRC Chief Executive
Date and place: 4 May 2011, University of Southampton

Video: Watch Paul Boyle's talk here

Professor Paul Boyle proposes in this talk that administrative data that is gathered through central and local governments and throughout our everyday transactions, offer a rich resource for researchers. Paul Boyle shows examples of his research that uses administrative data, and highlights what kind of data can be used and for what purpose.

Photographs from the Annual lecture

01/10: Professor Judith Petts, Dean of the Faculty for Social and Human Sciences (University of Southampton), introduced Professor Paul Boyle, Chief Executive of the ESRC at the beginning of the NCRM Annual Lecture

02/10: Professor Boyle gave a talk 'Making better use of administrative data in research'

03/10: The NCRM Annual Lecture drew a good sized audience, who were treated to an engaging talk

04/10: Professor Boyle gave enlightening examples of the research potential of administrative data

05/10: Audience members across methodological leanings asked probing questions about the use of administrative data

06/10: Professor Patrick Sturgis (left), NCRM Director, hosted the Q&A session and closed the NCRM Annual Lecture

07/10: In addition to the excellent talk the event offered an opportunity for people to catch up over tea and coffee

08/10: Colleagues from the University of Southampton catching up

09/10: Colleagues catching up

10/10: From left to right: Professor Judith Petts (Dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Southampton), Professor Dave Martin (NCRM Co-director, Director of the ESRC Census Programme), Professor Paul Boyle (ESRC Chief Executive), Professor Patrick Sturgis (NCRM Director), Professor Jane Falkingham (Director of the ESRC Centre for Population Change)